A strong team behind the club

Sebastian Crusius

CEO & Co-Founder

Since 2012 my professional life has been characterized by electric mobility and digital mobility services. With companies such as Webasto, Hubject and smartlab, I have been able to design attractive customer offers for electric vehicles in various management positions and with numerous international companies.

Founding the Global Electric Club is my contribution to make attractive offers available to all pioneers of electric mobility.


Sebastian Conradi

President & Co-Founder

I am convinced that sustainable mobility will be electric. But incentives are still needed to encourage more people to switch to an electric car or e-bike. That's why we founded the Global Electric Club: We bundle attractive offers for products and services related to electric mobility and make these advantages available to our club members.

It is my passion to create meaningful digital products through technology. Since 2007 I have held several positions in digital product development, most recently as Chief Product Officer at Factory “Community of Innovators“ in Berlin.